Hotboks Studio is a small format studio that packs a surprising amount of punch. It’s equipped with very high quality recording equipment, acoustically well treated for an excellent sound and filled with very nice drums, guitars and amplifiers.

The studio is mainly set up for recording drums and mixing audio, but it’s also perfectly equipped for recording guitars, bass, keys, percussion and vocals. This makes the studio perfect for drum recording, mixing work and recording separate instruments or vocals when overdubbing or remote recording.

When I’m working with a full band, I highly prefer to do the basic tracking live, so in those cases I work with external studios, such as Studio Konkreet or Pro Sound Media in Dordrecht.

Recording Gear
My studio runs on a Mac with the latest Universal Audio Apollo interfaces. These allow me to record with a high quality, and if needed coloured, sound on the way in and the ability to accurately recall recording sessions, very handy for later use. For real analog warmth I use my AML 1073, a high quality Neve style preamp.

I have a large selection quality microphones from brands like Austrian Audio, AKG, Electro-Voice, Shure, Sennheiser and Audio Technica. My monitoring consists of a pair of PSI A17-M speakers, accompanied by the classic Yamaha NS10’s. I work with a large selection of Universal Audio plugins, with added plugins from SSL Native, Fabfilter, TDR and Soundtoys.

Backline wise I am a sucker for the classics. So in Hotboks you will find a selection of vintage Ludwig and Gretsch drums, a rather large Ludwig snare drum collection and a broad selection of Zildjian cymbals. Guitar wise I also rely on classics; an old Marshall 2203 head, a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender P Bass and a Fender Telecaster.

I have found that with these old instruments the only limitation lies in the musician or engineer. A vast array of great tones can be found in these timeless instruments, as long as the musician playing it and the engineer recording it have a vision of sound in their minds.



Geert Teekens – 21st Century Hedonistic Butt Wipe (2022)
A track of my own. I wrote the music, played all the instruments, did all the vocals and mixed the track. This track was a tough cookie to finish because of the amount of layers in the music. It contains beatbox, acoustic drums, electronic drums, percussion, synth bass, electric bass, sampled upright bass, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, Fender Rhodes, more synthesizers, a ton of vocals with all kinds of processing and, last but not least; kazoo! It took a while to balance out every part but I managed to give everything its place. Pieter Kloos provided an excellent master and my daughter Melle drew some insane artwork that is featured in the music video.

Maarten & Geert Teekens – Billion Golden Eyes (2023)
Collaboration with my long time music buddy & older brother Maarten. We used to play in a band called BluefisH together and this song was one of the last BluefisH songs written. It had never been recorded and we decided to honor the song by recording it properly. Maarten stacked his beautiful vocals and played guitar and synth, while I took care of drums, percussion, ukulele, glockenspiel and the production/mix side of things. Bass guitar was played by one of Dordrecht’s most solid players Ton van der Kolk.

Here Today – My Friend (2023)
Here Today asked me to record their new EP.  The time schedula was challenging; some songs hadn’t even been written and still the release party was fully booked, tickets were being sold as we discussed the project. We went for a couple of preproduction nights in their rehearsal room, followed by a couple of tracking days. I recorded the basic band tracks live in their rehearsal room and added some Les Paul and RAT overdub dirt to their signature Telecaster/Vox sound. Then we did all vocal recordings in one day at Hotboks and I went straight into mixdown, snucking in an additonal guitar overdub and tambourine cameo. 🙂 It was over before we knew it and when the tracks came back from mastering at Pieter Kloos, I had to say I think we did pretty well on this one. I love Olaf’s songwriting and I think the bands is playing and sounding good.

Morninglight – Edgitaar (2023)
A classic remote recording scenario. Edgitaar recorded some tasty riffing through his home studio setup. I recorded drums to them and worked on the arrangement with Ed. Dordrecht finest players Ton van der Kolk and Gerben Verhaar took care of bass guitar and vocals and Morninglight was born. Once again mixed by me and mastered by Pieter Kloos.

Parelvet – Marliah (2022)
This heartbreaking song is about the colonial past of the Dutch in Indonesia. Parelvet had written a group of songs about his personal family history in this historical context. He had recorded the songs in his living room with very minimal technique. I was touched by the raw beauty of the simple recordings of these beautiful songs and persuaded him to release the songs as an album. I remixed the songs to get the most out of the recordings and the project was finished by a tasteful mastering by Edwin in ’t Veld. I am proud of the result; Si Bung Parelpet’ is a beautiful album.

Gekke Maten – Ik Doe Een Dansje (2021)
During Covid Lockdown my brother Maarten Teekens (a great singer and songwriter) revived an old hiphop project he had with his mate Rori. Together they wrote and recorded a house/hip hop song about dancing at home in your living room. Maarten called me in to finish the song. I took my job rather serious and rigorously made changes in the song structure, replaced sounds and made overdubs on bass guitar, electric guitar and percussion. The guys were happy and when I felt I could not take the song any further we called in Lucien Foort who made a huge impact on this track with his aggressive stem mastering job. On this attended session I learned the true meaning of “kotsen in de club”.