Geert Teekens is a Dutch drummer, producer, audio engineer and composer. He loves honest, personal and powerful sounds. His drumming style is influenced by drummers like Dave Grohl, Chad Smith and John Bonham. Productionwise he gets inspired by producers like Rick Rubin, Jack Antonoff, Steve Albini and Garth Richardson.

Geert started playing at age 11 in the Dordrecht Philharmonic Orchestra. After playing classical music for a couple of years he discovered rock music and at age 14 he left the orchestra to start his own band. At age 16 Geert played his debut show as a stand-in drummer for Dutch punkrock band I Against I for a 3000 + crowd at MTV’s Beavis & Butthead do Veendam. In the following years he played a lot of national and international stages with bands like BluefisH, One in a Million, Cooper and Switch Bones.

Alongside playing drums, Geert taught himself to play guitar and bass guitar and was always intrigued by the recording process. This started as a teenager with ping pong recording between two tape desks. When his bands made demo tapes, he recorded and mixed them. His love for sound brought him to work as a sound engineer in Paard (Den Haag) and Popcentrale (Dordrecht) as well as touring as a FOH tech for bands like Cooper, Sister Fister and The Hot Stewards. In 2005 Geert went on a European tour with Social Distortion, combining both FOH tech as drummer duties for support act Cooper.

Geert studied drums with René Creemers  at the Rockacademie in Tilburg, but also developed his cultural organisational skills by studying Social Work in Rotterdam. He has organised and managed music projects and productions for Popunie (Rotterdam), Popcentrale (Dordrecht) and numerous festivals in the south of Holland.

His love for music, audio engineering and event management combined with years of on- and offstage experience naturally merged into his first album production in 2019. He produced the album ‘Losing my Mind’ by Scotch. With an in-depth and hands-on approach, Geert and the band reworked their songs in an extensive pre production period of six months, recorded the whole band live in one take in the studio with Pieter Kloos as recording engineer. Pieter and Geert finished the mix and master together.

In 2020, Geert took the next step and started his own recording studio. Hotboks Studio is a small one room studio, accommodated for recording drums and mixing. With his studio as home base, Geert is available for music production and remote drum recording.

Alongside playing and recording, Geert is a drum instructor at music school ToBe Cultuurcentrum in Dordrecht, introducing young kids to his biggest love: music.