Geert Teekens is a Dutch drummer, producer, engineer and composer. He loves honest, personal and powerful sounds. His drumming style is influenced by drummers like Dave Grohl, Chad Smith and John Bonham. Productionwise he gets inspired by producers like Rick Rubin, Jack Antonoff, Steve Albini and Garth Richardson.

Geert is always focused on the music. The technical aspect is there to serve the music, it’ s not a goal in itself. Geert loves to dive in deep, searching for the ultimate instrument, sound, arrangement or mix to make sure goose bumps arise.

With experience in orchestral music, punkrock, grunge, pop, country, a capella, hiphop and bluegrass and a lot of live performance experience all over the world, Geert is 100% dedicated to help you find the most truthful version of the story you are telling.